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My son is ten, and has been going to Miriam Skydell since he was sixteen months old. We consider Miriam to be one of the angels in his life that has helped him come out of “his world,” and into ours. According to our doctors and teachers, his progress is “tremendous.” We attribute a lot of that to Miriam, and the work she has done with him. My son looks forward to seeing her each week, because she is engaging and playful, and he doesn’t even realize the work he is doing during the session! She constantly raises the bar for him, so that he truly reaches his full potential, and that’s why we have seen continuous growth and success. She is the perfect combination of knowledge, experience and personality, that makes a child WANT to work and grow. Her compassion and understanding extends outside the therapy room, and she has helped me with her advice, almost as much as she has helped my son. She’s a professional, and dedicated to all of the children she works with, and most importantly her efforts are motivated by her heart, not her paycheck. Miriam is changing the lives of children, parents, and families every day!
-Fran Centrella, mother of Matthew, age 10

My son, Teddy, is enrolled in the Great Neck Pump It Up class. He absolutely loves it and can’t wait to go back each week!  It is the only after school activity he loves!  He is shy but doesn’t mind that he didn’t know anyone else in the class.   I 100% recommend it!
-Grace Lucarelli, mother of Teddy, age 7

Sensory bounce sessions has help my child to work on furthering his gross motor skills and become more confidence. This type of therapy support have encourage my child to keep moving and progressing on his muscle development while having fun in a nurturing and playful environment. Thank you so much Ms. Skydell for thinking about our kids needs and for providing programs like this that contribute to our children development.
-Azize Ruttler, mother of Noah, age 3