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Waiting room: Our waiting room is a welcoming area, handpainted with trees, birds, and butterflies, to help kids feel relaxed and comfortable, as they enter our offices. Parents can relax, read from a variety of magazines, informational books or work on their computers with our Wi-Fi service. Siblings can choose to play with toys, read books or color, while they wait for their brother or sister. They’re also always welcome to a prize or treat at the end of their siblings session.

Sensory Motor Gym #1 (The Pink Room): Our large sensory motor gym is where all the fun stuff happens!! Replete with 20 feet of ceiling hooks for interchangable swings, bolsters, nets , trapeze bars and a zip line. Your child will undoubtedely meet his/her gross motor and sensory motor challanges in a fun, non threatening way!!This room also sports a multitude of equipment, which increases balance, strength and endurance, as well as crash pillows galore, for those who seek intense physical input. Since we believe that sensory processing is the key to all higher level functional skills, every activity done in this room is designed to engage your child’s vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, auditory, and visual systems in a way that will help them to learn and to process his/her environemnt in the most adaptive way.

Sensory Motor Gym #2 (The lavender Room): Making sure your child gets full individual attention during every session, is a priority for us. To that end, we created a second sensory motor gym so that more than one child can be receiving therapy in our offices, without the quality of their treatment being affected. This sensory gym mimics our larger one, offering suspension equippment, balance equipment, and a closet full of toys to challange every sense.

Fine Motor/computer room: We understand how difficult and tedious school related work can be. Our Fine motor room is decorated with 2 computers, a Wii, Interactive Metronome, a white board wall, and a closet filled with manipulatives, puzzles, strengthening toys, and Handwriting supplies. This makes the room an optimal place to work on fine motor skills, handwriting, coordination, sequencing, visual perception, and academic related difficulties.

Our extensive research and creativity that goes into every toy and computer program we choose, will enable your child’s skills to improve without their knowing they are working! We will keep that our little secret!!

The “kitchen”: Your child will have a blast in our kitchen room, where he/she will find large sensory bins filled with items such as rice, beans, moon sand and every craft imaginable. We call it the “kitchen,” because in this room your child will create snacks and delicacies, which is designed to improve their fine motor, strengthening, and sequencing abilities, as well as explore their tactile senses, and address oral motor/feeding and food texture issues.

All white/relaxation room: For those children who easily overstimualte or those who have not yet learned the skills of verbal communication, we’ve designed a completely relaxing and calming environement. Filled with fiber optic lighting toys, which respond to voice or touch, the soft glow of planets and the sound of water, the white room is the perfect place to learn cause and effect or just to regroup at the begining or end of a session.